Fire Ant Products for the General Public

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This publication is intended as an update to UT Extension fire ant publications, such as “SP 419 The Two Step Method: Managing Fire Ants Around Homes and In Neighborhoods”
and “PB 1739 Managing Fıre Ants in Urban Areas”. While many copies of the printed version are in circulation, they may contain outdated pesticide suggestions. Thus, the following tables list current products to be used with the printed and web publications. A pesticide can only be applied to a site listed on the label. Formulations (bait, dust, granular and liquids) are provided in separate tables, and application sites for each product are indicated to help select a product for the needed site and to prevent misapplications to unlisted sites. Most products listed are for the general public with a few exceptions. The products listed under electrical equipment and utility housing are meant to be applied by professionals, and the products listed in the Quarantine tables are for nursery and sod producers in the federal quarantine expecting to ship outside the quarantine.