Fire Ant Products For Tennessee Schools

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One of the most efficient ways to manage fire ants on school grounds is to broadcast a fire ant bait. Treating individual mounds can be expensive and requires more time and effort to scout for all the mounds, and often the smaller mounds are overlooked. If baits are broadcasted twice a year, often other treatments are not needed. Please refer to PB 1788 for a full discussion of fire ant management around schools. In this publication you’ll find a list of fire ant baits, the application methods (individual mound treatments or broadcast), and other use sites for which they are labeled. This information is also provided for granules, liquids and dusts should these be deemed necessary as suggested in PB 1788. In addition, products labeled for electrical equipment and utility housing are provided. The speed and mode of action of active ingredients in fire ant products found in the last table will help with the product selection process.