Treatment Program #3

Program 3: The “Maximum Ant Suppression” Method

  1. (Optional) Broadcast a bait-formulated insecticide in areas where there are many mounds (more than 20 per acre), or individually treat mounds. Wait 2 to 3 days after applying a bait before conducting the next step
  2. Apply a contact insecticide with long residual activity (i.e. fipronil, or a pyrethroid such as bifenthrin) to turfgrass periodically as directed (generally every 4 to 8 weeks for most products, or once per year using a granular fipronil product). Liquid or granular products that can be evenly applied to an area, and which are usually watered in after treatment, are appropriate for this use. With most products, initial surface treatment may not eliminate ants located deep in mounds, but routine re-application will eventually eliminate most mounds. However, granular fipronil treatment may eliminate most ant mounds within four to ten weeks of treatment.